What is “in shape”?

It all begins with the self-talk, “I want to get in shape” or “I need to work out”. Then we look out into the world and see the media definition of “in shape”. Have you ever really stopped for a moment and asked yourself what is “in shape”? You know…. “Fit”. What is that? Better yet, have you ever wondered why we call it a “work-out”? Is it necessary? What is the objective? Walking – Running – Weight lifting – Pilates – Rock climbing – Yoga – Swimming – Dance Class – couch potato – beer curler, why do we do that; is there more to it?

Here is the progression. Around age seven, our bodies begin a metamorphosis into the shape they will most probably retain for the remainder of adult life. Breathing patterns, our sense of awareness, balance and confidence, at this time in our lives, is either enhanced or diminished by what we consume and the activities in which we become involved. Then somewhere around age 14 to 17, we get this idea, this image in our mind of whom we want to be, what we want to look like; around age 27 to 29, we fulfill that image (or at least come pretty damned close). Most go into their 30’s with the same image, only to realize at 40 that they cannot be 29 anymore (though many keep trying).

Somewhere around age 10, the bones in the body begin to change; the marrow changes from red to yellow. By age 25, (I’m being generous), the only large bones that retain red marrow are the femurs and the clavicles. In adults, red marrow is limited to the spongy bone in the skull, ribs, sternum, clavicles, vertebrae and pelvis. What that means is that the red Blood cell production in the body is reduced. So part of our responsibility, as an adult is to clean the Blood and call it to where it is needed. It also means that we have to take a look at the activities in which we involve ourselves that may create unnecessary hardship on the overall soma. The question is how do you want to look at yourself, as a Timex or a Movado? Both tell time, but one is a museum piece.

excerpt from UltimateMasterpiece.club


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