Hindu Yogi practical water cure

Yogi Ramacharaka

A health classic that covers water as the basis for life, how much water to drink daily, repercussions of consuming too little water, overview of the organs of assimilation and elimination, how to remove toxins from the digestive tract, the importance of internal cleanliness, using the skin as an organ of elimination, how to take cleansing baths, wet pack treatments, sweat pack treatments, hydrotherapy and sexual vitality treatments.

The Yogis of India have known the secret power of water for centuries, but here all is revealed for Western readers. In this lost classic of New Thought philosophy–an early “New Age” attitude wildly popular at the turn of the 20th century–one of its most influential thinkers reveals:

* the benefits of drinking hot water * how water can unclog the “sewer” of the intestinal tracts * when to take advantage of the Hindu “internal bath” * the scientific way to bathe * and much more.