Strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and longevity are within your grasp.

Cultivate and enhance your foundational mind/body practice repertoire.

  • Increase range of motion
  • Calm the mind
  • Restore proper breathing patterns
  • Align intrinsic body energy with body structure
  • Strengthen natural recuperative energies
  • Normalize joint dysfunction
  • Prevent or correct carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Alleviate sciatic and lower back pain
  • Loosen the body while gradually opening the joints
  • Integrate physical and energetic awareness


A classical yoga exercise designed to open joints, facilitate complete breathing, and harness vitality.

The practice of Sun Salutation brings happiness, well-being and sunlight to the spirit.

Its primary focus is to improve mind control and strengthen will.

“… a Chinese art with a history dating back thousands of years.

The movements are graceful, the tempo is slow and the benefits are great.

It is the only form of exercise, in which a person should not use outward strength or force in their movements. Improvement depends not on outer strength, but inner awareness.

It embodies a philosophy that not only promotes health but can also be applied to every aspect of daily life”

Evade confrontation and improve awareness of self and surroundings while integrating your energetic and physical capacities.


“As nature is always in motion, so should one activate to strengthen themselves without interruption”
Book of Changes (I Ching)

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