Personal Practice

LIFE IS NOW! Who you are today is not who you were yesterday. The potential of tomorrow is limited only by our own perception. Identity is defined with every step along the way.

At one time people saw the world as flat, a straight line. When they conceived of the universe, it was imagined that our earth was the center and time was seen as a line.

Then it became understood that our earth was not a straight line, but in fact, a circle. And then someone invented a clock, and time became a circle too. But time is a line; we’ve been programmed to experience time in a circle i.e. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday… etc, but time is a line. Last Monday truthfully has nothing to do with this Monday or next Monday for that matter.

When we were younger… it seemed time move so slow… the older we get it seems time is moving faster and faster; but the reality is that time has not changed… it still a line… only our perception of it has changed.

From the moment we are born – time is all we have; the fibers that make up the fabric of our life have been woven with our time, whether living on Park Avenue or doing time in Rikers what we do with our time, is our “Practice”.

Always, there are things one does that will evolve them, and there are things that are inconsequential, and then there are those things that actually devolve ones self.

We are all habitual by nature. Addiction is another manifestation of human nature – a “Practice” so to speak.

As adults we choose our Practices – our bliss. Hopefully what we choose will fortify and rejuvenate our being.

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